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Apply for UK Shared Prosperity Fund grants for your community or business

Cyflwynwch gais am grantiau Cronfa Ffyniant Gyffredin y Deyrnas Unedig ar gyfer eich cymuned neu fusnes

UK Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) grants of up to £100,000 are available for communities and businesses in Pembrokeshire.

Capital and Revenue business grants ranging from £500 to £50,000 can be applied for under four categories – Business Growth, Business Start Up, Youth Enterprise and Carbon Reduction.

The aim of the grant intervention is to strengthen local entrepreneurial ecosystems and support businesses at all stages of their development to start, sustain, grow, and innovate, including through local networks.

Grants up to £100,000 are also available for pilot activity across Pembrokeshire communities via the Pembrokeshire Sustainable Communities Fund.

This supports the development and creation of activities related to tackling poverty, access to services, environment and green infrastructure, community engagement, volunteering and festivals, events, local arts, cultural and heritage activities.

Each grant will be a contribution to a proposed overall scheme with the applicant having to source a percentage of match funding from elsewhere.

The Pembrokeshire Business Growth Grant will support local businesses and inward investors to grow, prosper and be sustainable, resulting in the creation and safeguarding of jobs throughout the County and therefore improving the local economy.

The aim of the Business Start Up Fund is to support the creation of new businesses in the County, resulting directly in the creation of jobs and boosting the local economy.

Similarly the Youth Enterprise Fund is aimed at applicants aged 16 to 21 wanting to create new businesses in the County.

The Carbon Reduction Fund will provide capital support to businesses towards the purchase of renewable energy systems.

It aims to support local business to be sustainable and move towards net zero carbon while continuing to grow and prosper. 

With around £1million available anyone interested is encouraged to get in touch with expressions of interest as soon as possible.

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Place, the Region and Climate Change Cllr Paul Miller said: “These grants are a vital opportunity for new and established businesses to grow and contribute to the regeneration of out towns while supporting the carbon reduction agenda.”

Cabinet Member for Corporate Improvement and Communities Cllr Neil Prior added: “Shared Prosperity Funding can make a difference to our communities and it is important Pembrokeshire makes the most of its opportunities.”

The Business Grant application process is administered by the Business Development team within the Local Authority Economic Development department.