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Council Tax premiums decision to be made this December

Penderfyniad premiymau'r Dreth Gyngor i'w wneud ym mis Rhagfyr

Pembrokeshire County Council will decide whether to increase Council Tax premiums in the financial year 2024/25 for second homes and long-term empty homes, at its full Council meeting on December 14th.

At the same meeting, councillors will also consider the authority’s new Housing Strategy and the latest budgetary position. 

Council Leader David Simpson said the decision was due to be made at Council’s October meeting, but had been deferred in order for members to discuss it in addition to the new Housing Strategy for the county. 

“This is a complex and fast moving area, and deferring to December will give Members the opportunity to make a decision based on the very latest information,” said Cllr Simpson.

Today (Tuesday, 19th September) the policy and pre-decision overview and scrutiny committee reviewed the recent consultation on Council Tax premiums for second and long-term empty homes.

Committee members were told that engagement was good, with 1,650 responses received, together with a small number of letters.

Following an initial discussion the committee agreed to consider the matter further at their meeting in October.