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Empowering Wellbeing: Futureworks' inspiring coffee morning delivers vital support for people on the Restart scheme

Grymuso Lles: Bore coffi ysbrydoledig Gwaith yn yr Arfaeth yn darparu cefnogaeth hanfodol i bobl ar y Cynllun Ailddechrau

On Friday, September 29th, Futureworks set the stage for an extraordinary morning of wellness and engagement, partnering with Serco and Maximus to orchestrate a wellbeing coffee event that was nothing short of transformative.

The Restart Scheme, a beacon of hope for those seeking to overcome the hurdles that can often impede their journey into the workforce, is at the heart of this initiative. People, embarking on their path to employment, are not alone can collaborate with dedicated providers to receive bespoke support tailored to their unique needs and challenges.

Futureworks in Haverfordwest transformed into a bustling hub of inspiration, where participants came face-to-face with a dynamic array of wellbeing champions. Among them was Michelle of 'Wellbeing Futures,' a charismatic guide who led workshops on effective communication, self-confidence building, personal wellbeing, and preparation for the world of work.

Futureworks coffee morning

Sarah from 'An Apple a Day' brought her infectious energy to the event, offering vibrant and passionate health and wellbeing workshops aimed at empowering individuals to make informed choices and implement accessible tools and techniques to bolster their wellbeing and health.

PACTO (Pembrokeshire Association of Community Transport Organisations), were ever-ready to provide innovative solutions for people grappling with transportation barriers that stand in the way of their pursuit of employment. Their presence was a testament to the comprehensive support network available to participants in the Restart Scheme.

The event was a resounding success, drawing enthusiastic participants who were guided by compassionate coaches and providers, unravelling the wealth of support accessible through the Restart Scheme. As the day unfolded, participants were introduced to the Thrive App, an invaluable digital resource that extends wellbeing and mental health support at the touch of a button.

The morning also provided an invaluable opportunity for partners to foster connections and share best practices. Collaboration, they say, is the key to conquering critical barriers to employment, and this event served as a vital platform for networking and knowledge exchange.

Futureworks, in conjunction with Serco and Maximus, reaffirms its commitment to empowering individuals and breaking down the walls that may have stood in their way. This wellbeing coffee morning wasn't just an event—it was a catalyst for transformation, a symbol of hope, and a testament to the power of community.

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Futureworks, part of Pembrokeshire County Council's Economic Development & Regeneration service, driven by a vision of empowerment and community building, is dedicated to fostering the wellbeing and employment prospects of individuals.

Through innovative partnerships and inspired initiatives like the Restart Scheme, Futureworks is lighting the path to brighter, more prosperous futures. Join us on this incredible journey of transformation and hope.