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Fine for selling illegal vapes

Dirwy am werthu fêps anghyfreithlon

A Pembroke vape shop manager was fined by Magistrates following a successful Pembrokeshire County Council prosecution.

Terry Miller, of Vape Allsorts, Main Street, was prosecuted after selling an illegal disposable vape which led to Trading Standards officers seizing a further 39 non-compliant vapes from the store.

The illegal vapes had 12ml capacity tanks contrary to the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations which permits a maximum of 2ml nicotine inhaling fluid for disposable vapes.

A sample of the vape was sent for testing and found to have a volume of 7.6ml, far in excess of the permitted 2ml.

This also meant that the vape contained 114mg of nicotine, whereas a legal 2ml disposable vape can contain no more than 40mg.

There were also offences regarding the labelling of the products, with essential information missing from the label.

The manager had previously been advised of the applicable legal obligations prior to committing the offence.  

On February 9th Miller was fined £918 for the non-compliant vapes, victim surcharge of £367 and ordered to pay £1,000 in costs. No separate penalty was issued for the other three offences.

A total of £2285 is owed to the Court and a Forfeiture Order and Destruction Order was made in relation to the 40 vape cigarettes.

Cllr Michelle Bateman, Cabinet Member for Housing Operations and Regulatory Services, said: “The sale of illicit vapes are a high priority for local authority Trading Standards Services and the problem is regularly highlighted in national media as one of the biggest threats appearing on UK’s high streets.

“Overstrength vapes can cause individuals to absorb too much nicotine, which could cause serious harm, as well as fuelling potent addiction.  Illegal vapes have also been shown to contain a concoction of chemicals, some of which are banned, and some devices have been found to have unsafe lithium batteries.

“The Council’s Trading Standards Team will continue to work with retailers to raise awareness of legal requirements and how to identify compliant versus non-compliant devices. 

“However, those who are found to have ignored this advice and who engage in the illicit supply will be pursued through the courts as well as non-compliant devices being seized and destroyed.”