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Couple standing outside their new council house Ricky and Jodie Wharton

New and returning tenants celebrate completion of Tiers Cross council houses

Tenantiaid newydd a rhai sy'n dychwelyd yn dathlu cwblhau tai cyngor Tiers Cross

Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC) is celebrating the completion of the Tudor Place, Tiers Cross housing development built by Tycroes Group.

This is an import and positive move for tenants, offering significant change, by delivering high quality, thermally efficient properties that meets tenant’s greater need, now and into the future. 

The allocation of the Tudor Place properties required that tenants were able to demonstrate a local connection to Tiers Cross and surrounding areas.

Completion of this site sees the replacement of ten pre-fabricated houses with 11 sustainable and affordable council homes, which will be used to house social tenants and help towards combating wider housing need throughout Pembrokeshire.  

Council tenant Victoria said: “Having lived in Tiers Cross for over 30 years, watching the development of Tudor Place has been super exciting. The new Tudor Place has bought new life into the village, with the sleek and modern design of the new builds. “It is super exciting and we, as a family, feel very privileged to have been lucky enough to secure a tenancy. A modern-day family in a modern-day home.”

Tenant Zoe added: "We as a family are extremely happy to be moving back home to Tiers Cross where we can start a whole new chapter and create new memories."

Cabinet Member for Housing, Cllr Michelle Bateman, welcomed the development and highlighted its contribution to the long-term strategy of increasing Council housing stock.

“Our Housing Development Programme is using a range of methods that include building, acquisitions and working with private developers through the delivery of turn-key properties to increase housing stock.

“PCC’s Housing Strategy is clear on the importance of increasing the supply of affordable housing to meet local needs, whilst at the same time, supporting people to live independently for longer in their own homes looking to provide homes for life.

This latest addition will be the first of many for our Pembrokeshire residents,” she said.  

Chairman of Tiers Cross Community Council Cllr Dave Procter said: “As a community council we are delighted that the Tudor Place project has reached its completion. We have had many challenges along the way but the final result looks spectacular, we hope the new residents enjoy their properties and become active residents within the community.” 


PIC: Tenants Ricky and Jodie