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Food waste

New food recycling campaign to push participation even higher

Ymgyrch ailgylchu bwyd newydd i wthio cyfranogiad hyd yn oed yn uwch

In the last three years Pembrokeshire has come top in Wales for recycling, but one area that needs improvement is the disposal of waste food that could be recycled but isn’t.

Overcoming the ‘yuck factor’ and recycling food waste is the focus of WRAP Cymru’s latest ‘Be Mighty. Recycle.’ campaign, which will be supported by Pembrokeshire to boost its recycling rates even higher.

This is the focus of the latest national campaign, funded by Welsh Government.

The campaign’s aim is to encourage residents in Wales to put all their food waste in their food waste caddy, so that it can be collected by their local council each week, then turned into renewable energy that powers Welsh homes and communities

Analysis has shown that nearly 48% of what’s put in Pembrokeshire’s grey bags for non-recyclable waste could be recycled, and the highest proportion of this – nearly 17% – is food waste.

The majority of this waste had been edible but not consumed, along with inedible waste such as egg-shells.

There are always occasions when veg goes bad, bread gets stale, or a forgotten packet of ham is overlooked in the fridge, and when that happens residents are being asked to empty it into a food waste caddy and recycle the packaging where possible, rather than using the grey bags.

WRAP Cymru’s ‘Be Mighty. Recycle’ campaign includes funding for participating local authorities to ensure environmental policies and obligations continue to be met despite increasing financial pressures.

Keep an eye out for the campaign in Pembrokeshire on our collection lorries and across social media.

Councils in Wales must recycle 70% by 2025 to meet mandatory Welsh Government targets and may be fined if the targets are not achieved.

Further details on the most recent recycling levels recorded in Pembrokeshire, and the types of waste not making it to the relevant recycling container, are due to be published in the near future.

Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services Cllr Rhys Sinnett: “Recycling rates in Pembrokeshire have been increasing and we need to keep that momentum going. Kerbside recycling has seen significant changes in attitudes and recycling practices but we can all do more.

“I’m sure many of us will admit to not always emptying gone off food into the waste caddy, it’s not a pleasant job! If we can send more unused food for recycling rather than adding unopened packets to residual waste we can boost our recycling rates even higher.”