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Children and staff at new dinner tables

New-style lunchtimes introduced at Neyland School

Cyflwyno amser cinio ar ei newydd wedd yn Ysgol Neyland

School lunchtimes have become calmer and more enjoyable says the Headteacher of Neyland Community School, thanks to a new initiative.

Round tables have replaced the traditional long tables to encourage communication and relationships, while plates and bowls have replaced the plastic trays. Children set the tables with their cutlery and serve themselves vegetables and side dishes from serving bowls in the middle of the table.

Headteacher Clare Hewitt said the aim was to create a social, relaxed and enjoyable lunchtime for the whole school community.

“Staff join the pupils for lunch to support with skill development and role modelling, and we have already noticed that the hall is quieter and calmer, the children are eating more and therefore there is less waste,” she said.

“The children are also enjoying taking on the responsibility of serving their own food and love the new tables so they can chat with their friends and teachers over their lunch.”

Mrs Hewitt said the initiative had been developed with the support of the Local Authority, school fundraising and a donation from Valero.

She added: “Health and wellbeing is a key area in the curriculum for Wales and holds equal weighting, therefore we were keen to develop this area of the school day in line with this.

“Our new lunchtimes support this as well as developing independent skills and pupil understanding of making healthy choices. 

“We would like to say a big thank you to the catering team, Valero and our fundraising committee for embracing our new project and supporting us to deliver it to our children.”

In September, the scheme will be rolled out to the younger year groups and the school’s Year 6 pupils will support this and become role models.