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Michael Hooper from Pembrokeshire Care Society with Cabinet Member for Finance Cllr Alec Cormack and grant cheque for UK SPF

Numeracy project to support homeless people first of Pembrokeshire’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund schemes to launch

Prosiect rhifedd i gynorthwyo pobl ddigartref yw’r cynllun cyntaf i’w lansio yn Sir Benfro gan Gronfa Ffyniant Gyffredin y DU

Pembrokeshire County Council is pleased to see the first of the area’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund projects get up and running with Pembrokeshire Care Society.

Pembrokeshire Care Society’s Numeracy Project has received £405,000 from the UK Government through the Multiply initiative, which is specifically targeted at projects that help to improve the nation’s maths skills.

It addresses UK Government’s Levelling-Up agenda and is administered by Pembrokeshire County Council.

The project is the first of its kind in Wales and will support people at risk of homelessness to gain practical skills in maths-related topics to help them keep their homes.

The number of people at risk of homelessness is rising and the numeracy skills, and possibly qualifications, will support people to manage their finances more successfully.

Michael Hooper, MD of Pembrokeshire Care Society said: “It’s well documented that poor budgeting skills are a big driver in people being made homeless.

“This project targets the often hard-to-reach individuals adversely economically and/or socially affected. Learners will be supported throughout the programme with access to tutors, support workers and mental health counsellors, to encourage engagement and retention.”

Cabinet Member for Finance Cllr Alec Cormack said: “It is fantastic to see the first of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund projects being launched, especially one that will be of significant benefit to people at risk of homelessness.

“With increasing numbers of people potentially facing homelessness this focus on overcoming barriers to managing rent arrears or other debts, while also potentially gaining qualifications and new skills, is very important.”

Pictured are Michael Hooper and Cllr Alec Cormack