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Pembrokeshire County Council’s Resettlement and Migration Team needs you…

Mae angen eich help ar Dîm Adsefydlu a Mudo Cyngor Sir Penfro...

It is just over two years since the invasion of Ukraine, and the situation has not improved enough to allow families to return and rebuild their lives and homes. 

We are reaching out again to the people of Pembrokeshire, to come forward and provide homes for Ukraine families and support us to help the Wales Nation of Sanctuary efforts for refugees. 

It is known there is a lack of affordable accommodation in Pembrokeshire and we do not want to place additional pressures on this sector.  This is why it is vitally important for us to use hosting arrangements to support Ukrainian families. 

Pembrokeshire County Council has an impressive 52 hosts, who continue to provide an immense level of kindness and support to 113 Ukraine people. 

The Ukraine families are extremely grateful to be able to seek sanctuary, build a life and to continue to provide for their families until it is safe to return home.

One person being hosted in Pembrokeshire said: “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the UK government, the local community of Pembrokeshire, and my lovely hosts for their support and assistance in this difficult time for Ukrainians.

“The local council always provides all the support I need and helps me solve various problems.

“It should be noted that I am very lucky with my hosts, I feel safe in their home, and they are always happy to give advice and help. They are more than hosts to me, they have become my friends.”

Another added: “Thank you for always being in touch, always ready to help me and my children. We are happy to have received such support in your country.”

The UK and Welsh Government have extended the Homes for Ukraine scheme, and our team are looking for additional hosts to come forward, who can open their hearts and homes to offer a safe place for Ukraine families to live. 

Under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, hosts are entitled to a £500 tax free thank you payment for each month a Ukraine person lives with them.

There is a need for larger accommodation to home reunited families and more accommodation of two bedrooms or more is sought.  If this is near any of Pembrokeshire’s towns or with access to transport networks that would be desirable.

If you feel that you, could open your homes, to a Ukraine family please contact 01437 776301 or and the team will provide you with more information and explain the support that is given to our hosts in order to build a strong hosting relationship.

Many of our hosts have been providing a home for a year or more and the Council recently held an event for our hosts as a thank you for their continued support. We asked them for feedback and received some lovely comments:

“It is so vital to be able to contact people from the county council to seek help or advice when needed.  We have found that the team in Pembrokeshire make themselves available, provide help when needed.  A good team who seem to work well together”.

Another added: “We are very pleased to be able to help out, our guests are charming and hardworking… the support we had from Pembrokeshire was amazing.”