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Lennie free school meals

Take advantage of free school meals to save time and money

Manteisiwch ar brydau ysgol am ddim i arbed amser ac arian

Want to save money and time on packed lunches? Is your child in full time Primary school?

Why not take advantage of the free hot or cold school meals available from September.

There is always a sandwich or jacket potato option for children each day if they do not fancy a hot meal.

All your child has to do is to pick their meal option each morning at registration.

The three week rolling menu offers tasty, nutritious, balanced food inclusive of all dietary needs. Popular choices include pasta bolognaise, Cowboy brunch, and chicken wrap.

Concerned about allergies - our dedicated team of nutrition specialists can cater for any child that suffers from a food allergy or intolerance too.

If your child has a specific dietary requirement or restrictions please contact our School Liaison Officer via email or telephone 01437 776168.

We have estimated that with the increase in food costs you could save more than £10 a week per child with foods typically found in school lunchboxes having risen on average around 70% in 18 months.

Universal Primary Free School Meals have been available every day for all full-time children in Year Two and below. This initiative will extend to all Primary learners as of September 2023. 

The scheme does not replace Free School Meals for those learners whose parents or guardians are receiving qualifying benefits, which allows them to access other financial support for school costs.

Take a look at the menus on offer on the Pembrokeshire County Council website and why not give free lunches a go!

Any pupils that still have a balance on their Cashless Catering account at the end of term can request a refund by emailing