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Union Hill update

Diweddariad am Union Hill

 Detailed survey work, data-gathering and a public consultation will take place ahead of the reconstruction of a destabilised section of wall at Union Hill at the end of Quay Street, Haverfordwest.

Earlier this year, Pembrokeshire County Council carried out emergency works to remove the destabilised section and to make safe the remaining wall and the embankment behind it. The Council is monitoring the site weekly to ensure there is no further deterioration.

The next stage is to apply for national funding to support the reconstruction of the wall and improvements in the vicinity, as Cllr Rhys Sinnett explains.

“The cost of replacing the wall to its original state is significant,” said Cllr Sinnett, Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services.

“At present, the carriageway in the area of the wall narrows in the vicinity of Priory Stile (to approximately four metres), and forces pedestrians to step onto the road around the residence. To replace the wall as it is currently would not improve this situation.

“As a result, the Council will apply for funding to support the reconstruction of the wall and improvements to the highway for pedestrians and cyclists.

“In order to comply with funding regulations we need to gather data, undertake public consultation and complete detailed survey work at the site.

“This will take time, and as such it is likely that the proposed reconstruction of the site may not be started for a year and will therefore remain in its current state for that period of time.

“It is important to note the site has been made safe, including the placement of Heras fencing and safety barriers on Quay Street, and the area is being monitored to maintain the integrity of the embankment.”

County Councillor for the Haverfordwest Castle ward, Tom Tudor, said: “Could I extend my appreciation to all concerned who have been dealing with this problem, and for ensuring that measures are in place to protect public safety.

“I would also like to thank the general public for their patience during this process, and should they have any concerns or questions during this period of consultation and discussion, not to hesitate to contact me.”

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