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Well-being plan for Pembrokeshire published

Cyhoeddir Cynllun Llesiant Sir Benfro

Pembrokeshire's Public Services Board (PSB) has published its second Well-being plan, which aims to improve well-being for people and communities in the County.

The PSB is a statutory strategic partnership established under the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act.  The board is made up of representatives from a wide range of organisations that deliver services across the County. 

The Act requires that members of the PSB work together to improve well-being by thinking more about the longer-term, working better with people, communities and each other; and looking to prevent problems before they happen.

The Plan sets out how public and private sector partners will work together to improve economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being in Pembrokeshire through joint working across three project areas;

  • Reducing poverty and inequalities
  • Strengthening communities
  • Tackling climate change and the nature emergency

Chair of the PSB, Councillor Neil Prior, said “In this Plan we have chosen to concentrate on areas where partnership working can have the greatest impact, where our collective influence can add value above and beyond what we do as individual organisations. 

“This is an important piece of work for all partners involved in the work of the PSB and we want to make sure we involve young people and communities in our work as much as possible.”