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Call to fill Standards Committee vacancy

Galwad i lenwi lle gwag ar y Pwyllgor Safonau

An Independent Member is needed to take up a place on the Committee that promotes and maintains standards for councillors in the county.

The Pembrokeshire County Council Standards Committee currently has a vacancy for an Independent Member.

The Committee plays an important role at the Authority, including considering Public Service Ombudsman for Wales reports into alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct.

Anyone who is committed to upholding ethical standards in public life – the Nolan principles – and has the knowledge of and adherence to the Code of Conduct for Members is invited to consider applying for the role.

The ideal candidate would also be a good communicator, work well in a team, have chairing skills and an ability to analyse factual and evidential material to form sound objective judgments.

Flexibility to attend meetings at short notice is also required. 

Anyone interested in applying must not have been a member, officer, or the spouse/civil partner of a member or officer of any county, county borough, town or community council, fire and rescue authority or national park authority within the last twelve months.

They also must not have ever worked or been elected as Councillor at Pembrokeshire County Council.

Anyone interested is asked to contact Isabelle Moorhouse from the Democratic Services team at Pembrokeshire County Council via email:

An application form will be sent and must be returned by 15th January 2024.

It is expected that any shortlisting exercise/interviews will take place in late January 2024.

The appointment shall be for between four and six years in the first instance and a further consecutive term is permitted.