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Palm oil warning to dog owners

Rhybudd olew palmwydd i berchnogion cŵn

People visiting the Pembrokeshire coastline are being asked to be vigilant to the potential of palm oil washing ashore.

It follows the death of a three year-old dog that is believed to have eaten palm oil at Newgale beach.

The report was received yesterday (Thursday 8th June) with the dog understood to have eaten a dark coloured palm oil berg last week.

Palm oil is often seen in dark, yellowish or white waxy blocks. It is not harmful to humans but as displayed in this situation can be fatal to pets.

Beach users are advised to keep dogs on leads and keep away from the substance.

If you see what you believe to be palm oil please contact and report where you made the sighting.

Notes to editors

(Picture is of previous block of palm oil and not related to this incident)