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Pembrokeshire County Council agrees budget for 2024/25

Cyngor Sir Penfro yn cytuno ar y gyllideb ar gyfer 2024/25

Pembrokeshire County Council has today (Thursday 7th March) agreed its budget for the coming year, 2024-2025.

Deputy Leader Cllr Paul Miller said Cabinet Members had listened to concerns regarding the level of a proposed 16.31% Council Tax rise.

At today’s meeting of Council, Cllr Miller put forward alternative proposals which would limit the Council Tax rise to 12.5%.

This was agreed by a majority of Members.

The changes will be funded primarily by the use of an extra £1.5m of reserves plus £1m of efficiency savings as part of an operational review led by the Chief Executive.

Cllr Alec Cormack, Cabinet Member for Corporate Finance, said: “We are not an administration that ignores concerns, but rather one that listens.

“These proposals are not a silver bullet, the financial challenges the council is facing will not go away.

“What we have done is looked really hard and in further detail at how we might reduce the Council Tax rise - and smooth that rise out across two years - to reduce the impact on our residents, while maintaining our public services as best we can.

Cllr Miller said: “We have listened to concerns from colleagues across the chamber regarding the budget and the representations they have put forward on behalf of constituents.

“As a result we have been able to reduce the Council Tax rise for the coming year but also protect so far as possible, the vital public services that we provide to the people of Pembrokeshire.

“It should be noted however that pressures identified in the budget report will not go away and difficult decisions will be necessary in coming years.”